The scope of Clarage's testing capabilities is very broad and covers a wide spectrum of in-house and on-site testing services. With this level of technology, we can continue to provide our customers with proven solutions to their particular air movement needs while ensuring that they receive the highest quality product for their exact requirements and structural needs. This includes the evaluation of existing systems to optimize performance and reduce power consumption.

With the most sophisticated research and development testing laboratories in the industry, only Clarage has the collective experience and knowledge needed for tackling the most technically complex testing requirements for the most demanding environments.


Performance & Mechanical Run Tests

Test Lab – AMCA 210 Chamber

Clarage can provide accurate and repeatable airflow, pressure and power data for fans of all types by performing an airflow measurement test per AMCA standards 210 and 260 using one of three chambers that are located in our test lab. Two of the chambers can accommodate airflow rates up to 65,000 cubic feet per minute and static pressures up to 10 inches of water while the third high pressure chamber can handle airflow rates up to 10,000 cubic feet per minute and static pressures up to 80 inches of water.

Manufacturing Plant - AMCA 210 Duct Testing

When a fan exceeds the size limitations of our chambers, large scale duct testing can be conducted at one of our manufacturing plants. Clarage can provide accurate and repeatable results by performing airflow measurement testing per AMCA standard 210 for fans of virtually any size, airflow rate, static pressure and horsepower. This method of testing is very space consuming and requires a very long duct section to be attached to the fan.

Manufacturing Plant - Modified AMCA 203 Guidelines

Another option for determining the airflow performance of fans that are too large for our chambers is to perform an airflow measurement test using guidelines from AMCA publication 203 at one of our manufacturing plants. For this particular test, fans are installed with ductwork on the outlet and either a bell or duct on the inlet. This results in accurate and repeatable testing and generally requires less space than an AMCA 210 duct test.


High Temperature Testing

Certain applications require the fans to either be submerged in high temperature air or handle high temperature air in the airstream. That is why Clarage has developed a method of testing the survivability of fans up to 900°F (482°C) at our Pulaski, TN manufacturing plant.

The test fan is installed in a closed loop system that recirculates the heated air through the fan. This ensures that the mechanical design of the fan is able to stand up to the hot environment. Clarage’s customers can be certain that when the fan is installed in a high temperature application, it is ready to do the job.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Clarage products are engineered and optimized through a series of analyses and validation including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). These tools are used to verify the structural integrity of our products under various  loading conditions, analyze the natural frequencies, as well as analyze torsional natural frequencies. To better serve our customers, we can offer these services upon request.