Process Ventilation

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Most processes require ventilation in some way, shape or form. In many cases, the airstreams include gas that is laden with some type of particulate. Whether your process involves coal dust, sinter, bagash, pulp, lime or any other material in the airstream, we can customize a solution for your exact needs. Clarage’s solid nose airfoils, backward inclined/curved, radial tipped, radial and modified radial designs provide the widest range of options to handle the exact process and gas stream you are dealing with. If corrosion or abrasion are concerns, Clarage can design a fan out of special stainless steel materials or add engineered wear liners. If that isn’t enough, Clarage can apply in-house just about any liquid coating that you desire. Regardless of the application, Clarage’s vertically integrated approach means that we control the entire production and can assure you a quality product that is designed for your needs.