Pulp & Paper

High temperature app

The Pulp and Paper Industry is a staple in the global market. Extreme heat and corrosive chemicals make it a demanding application for the fans used in numerous processes. Clarage has over 30 different models that can handle any application that the Pulp and Paper Industry can throw at us. It is common for these fans to see temperatures in excess of 800°F and to have to withstand temperature rises of 100°F per minute. Clarage’s years of experience have given us the special design expertise and the experience needed to ensure that the fan will be able to withstand the extreme conditions. Let Clarage help you pick your next Yankee fan or any other fan for your process. Our experienced sales team can quickly select one of our over 30 models from our unique internet-based selector and provide a fan designed to your exact specifications. If you need cooling air or a forced draft fan, the Clarage airfoil and backward curved impellers can deliver the highest efficiency and lowest operating costs in the industry. We can also retrofit existing fans to increase efficiency and have the capacity to provide complete turnkey solutions for rebuilding and repairing fans in the field.