Industrial Processes

High temperature app
With the largest selection of wheel types, designs and specific speeds, Clarage has a fan solution that can be custom-tailored to fit any performance requirement regardless of the application. Whether it is an airfoil impeller to reach the highest levels of efficiency or a radial bladed fan to convey heavy materials in the gas stream, Clarage can do it all. Depending on the exact process, we can also offer a wide range of backward inclined, backward curved, radial tipped and modified radial fan types. So no matter the application, temperature range or dust load, our experienced fan engineers can provide you with the best solution for your process. Let the Clarage team help you select the correct type and size fan and get not only the piece of mind that it is the correct solution but also get the fans modeled in SolidWorks to drop right into your plant model.

Typical Applications