When Thomas Clarage and Charles A. Bird established Bird and Clarage in Kalamazoo, MI, the company produced grey iron castings, horizontal steam engines and industrial fan equipment. Little did they know that they had started a long history of product development, experience and partnership that is still going strong after almost 150 years.


In 1969, Zurn Industries, an environmental control company, acquired The Clarage Fan Company as part of their Zurn Air Systems Division. Zurn Industries had already acquired several other companies, including Fly Ash Arrestor Corporation and Swartout, which also operated under the Air Systems Division. Fans were sold by the name Zurn Air Systems Division until 1978 when the name changed to The Clarage Fan Company, a Division of Zurn Industries, Inc. in order to promote stronger brand recognition.


Our extensive archive library even contains original order records and drawings for all Zurn Air Systems Division equipment that was installed years ago. So call us to provide replacement parts for all Zurn equipment.

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