Clarage’s Aftermarket Solutions team specializes in evaluating existing equipment and providing long-term solutions to yesterday’s problems. We approach the aftermarket from the perspective of building partnerships with our customers and taking extra steps to ensure that we understand what happened to the previous fan in the system prior to making new recommendations. Simply put, we do not operate just to sell our customers equipment once their originals break down or wear out.

By offering a unique combination of system expertise, engineering services and the latest in 3D/scanning technology, we can provide a proven solution to help reduce costs and improve performance. From troubleshooting and diagnostics to energy audits and efficiency upgrades, Clarage Aftermarket Solutions is a true one-stop-shop for all fan applications, including the extremely complex projects that other fan manufacturers can’t touch.


3D Scanning

Clarage Aftermarket Solutions uses a combination of 3D technology and fan design know-how to bring you creative solutions to existing equipment needs. We are backed by design standards that have been perfected since Clarage started building fans in 1874. Point clouds created by 3D field scanning are converted to models that help us to accurately determine crucial interface dimensions as well as access for installation. This allows us to bring a 21st Century approach to 20th Century equipment!

Give us 15 minutes with your existing fan and we will provide you with a lifetime of competitive replacements!


Efficiency and Performance Upgrades

Words like "green" and "energy efficient" have taken on lives of their own in today's vernacular. At Clarage Aftermarket Solutions, we try to morph these buzz words into something that adds value to our customers - cost savings. As a manufacturer, we understand that sometimes when fan equipment is originally specified as part of a larger package, there may have been liberties taken with the required sizing to ensure no shortage in performance. This method of specifying fans can be referred to as "better to have and not need." Today, these over-sized fans present a conundrum - low efficiencies leading to higher operating costs.

Clarage can analyze your equipment performance to determine what your true needs are. By "right-sizing" these fans and returning them to peak efficiency, our customers have seen tremendous savings in operating costs. Our first path is always to look for a retrofit option that involves minimal to no changes to fan casings and surrounding foundations or auxilliary equipment. Contact us today to see how we can help you lower your plant operating costs. Remember, 1 HP saved is worth $450/year!


Turnkey Fan Installation

We understand the pressures that equipment downtime brings. Whether it's a planned outage or an unexpected shutdown, the demands of modern plant maintenance can be overwhelming. Adding to that pressure is the minefield that comes with dealing with separate equipment vendors and installation contractors. Let Clarage Aftermarket Solutions alleviate some of that burden by providing you with a turnkey solution. We will design, build and install the equipment for you so that you will only need one point of contact. Our installation teams have decades of fan-specific experience, exemplary safety records and on-site quality control. You no longer have to worry about being a conduit for information between your equipment vendor and your on-site contractor.

Lay down your fan burden so we can carry it to the finish line!